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BX 24 (powder) - Product for the decontamination / detoxification of chemical and biological agents and decontamination of surfaces and materials. It can be applied directly in powder form as an active sorbent or in water.

Nato Standart number 6810-15-149-4789

BX 30 (powder) - BX30 SIMULATOR OF BX24 CBRN TICs/TIMs DECONTAMINANT for materials and vehicles. Due to its physical and chemical properties, BX30 has a neutralizing effect on many industrial toxic chemical products and hazardous substances

BX 29 (liquid) Product for removal of chemical, biological and radiological substances, amongst other contaminants, from human unbroken skin.

Nato Standart number 6850-15-157-8945

BX 40 (liquid) Decontaminating foam for use on vehicles, boats, aero planes, machinery, work surfaces, storage areas, floors and other surfaces.

Nato Standart number 6850-15-157-8946

SX 34 (aerosol) CBRN decontamination/detoxification aerosol for sensitive equipment.

Nato Standart number 6850-15-203-0546