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Mokslinis-Techninis Susivienijimas "NOVATEX" - was established on base of Science Academy Institute of Physics in 1989. NOVATEX is one of the oldest Companies with such big experience in Radiation market in Baltic States. NOVATEX was established under initiative of CANBERRA Company as exclusive representative in Baltic Countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and supplier to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) for Radiation equipment.

During these years NOVATEX was involved in radiation and safety systems implementation as main Contractor or Subcontractor for the following projects at INPP: B1, B234, B19, Passive dosimetry for staff control supply and installation, Spectrometry systems and radiation safety laboratory equipment supply and installation, Waste control and Stuff monitoring equipment supply and installation etc.

We are suppliers of laboratory and field equipment for Radiation Protection Centers in all three Baltic countries. Our main Customers for radiation equipment are: Environmental agencies, Physical Institutes, INPP, Hospitals, Airports, MOD, Rescue Board, Customs, etc.

In 2007 year USA Department of Energy had chosen NOVATEX as the main contractor in the Second Line of Defence (SLD) program. Now our Company provide maintenance, participate in installations and acts as technical advisor in mentioned program for approx. 60 radiation control monitors on Border crossing points, including Vilnius Airport and Klaipeda Sea Port, all over Lithuania.

Company offers full range of Radiation equipment – sales, installation and maintenance.

There is several managers in Radiation Group, but all have high technical education and 80% are physicists. All employees passed through trainings and special courses arranged by manufacturing companies (equipment handling and maintenance) and also Governmental Institutions for appropriate licenses obtaining and keeping.

Our Company has licenses issued by Radiation Protection Centre for sources and equipment with sources handling, selling, installation, repair and even transportation in Lithuania, also we have right to sell and install radioactive sources in Latvia.