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PC50 Twin Port Respirator – riot control gas only.

Field of View

  • Panoramic single lens visor
  • Optically correct visor
  • Scratch Resistant


  • 3 face piece sizes for improved fit
  • Chlorobutyl rubber and silicone blend mask
  • Six point, easy to adjust head harness


  • External communications systems can be attached to mask
  • Standard communication port

Air Management

  • Low inhalation resistance & excellent de-mist properties
  • Heat build-up minimized
  • Low-re-breathed carbon dioxide


  • Article 10 type-examination approval demonstrating compliance with the PPE Directive 89/686/EC.
  • Approved as a non-CBRN respiratory device for use with the CTCF50 Canister providing CS/CN agent and P100 particulate protection