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ScanTrak and Scanwedge

ScanTrak 10, 13

Scantrak is a multiple application portable digital x-ray unit used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers for security checking unattended bags and suspicious packages.
Scantrak is easily set up and deployed in minutes by one person and can be configured to suit different environments.
Scantrak operates with any of the Golden pulsed x-ray generators and our ScanView Imaging software can be installed on any Windows XP or Windows 7 laptop or tablet .
Scantrak is available with adjustable exposure settings, different size ICUs from 8 x 10” up to 10 x 13 and has both wireless and ROV capabilities.

Available Imager size:
Wi-Fi - 802.11g available as an option. Range between 50-100m.


Scanwedge is designed specifically for portable x-ray screening in tough law enforcement and EOD environments,

Scanwedge has a unique flat panel imager that is lightweight and backpackable, producing high quality x-ray images time after time.

Lightweight, battery powered, robust and easy to use Scanwedge contains no moving parts nor fragile components and has a weather-protective milspec cover for use in tough field environments.

Imaging area 20 x 25 cm.

Wi-Fi - 802.11g available as an option. Range between 50-100m.