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ScanSilc 2520 & 4336

  • For specialist search, investigation, examination and exploitation
  • Portable and easy to set up and use in 2 minutes
  • High Dynamic range
  • Superior Resolution X-ray Images
  • Image analysis includes zoom, reverse black and white, pseudo-color, pseudo 3D and measure, show gradients, rotation, distance, contrast enhancement and more
  • Works with most portable x-ray sources including Golden XR150, Golden XR200, Golden XRS-3 and also recommended continuous x-ray sources
  • Image print and email. archive in excess of 32,000 images on PC or CD/DVD
  • Text, Voice and Image Annotation tools
  • Full database management tools
  • Wired and Wi-Fi x-ray operation
  • Imaging area: 20 x 25 cm and 43 x 36 cm

ScanSilc 2430 EOD and Scansilc 3643 EOD

  • Best in class resolution (ScanSilc 2430 EOD) – Get unrivalled 76 micron resolution, 6.5 line pair x-ray images to improve operator confidence and decision making.
  • Superb high resolution x-ray images (Scansilc 3643 EOD)– 140 micron, 3.5 line pair x-ray images help improve operator confidence and decision making.
  • Toughest design-   IP67,   impact and drop tested x-ray panel with a strong Unibody structure and grab and go handle. Gives you total reliability in all conditions without the hassle and need for additional protective panel covers
  • Panel Integrated system control – Control your x-ray pulses and x-ray firing from the tablet – both wired and wirelessly – without any connecting interface box.
  • Fewer components to carry and set up – Just your x-ray panel, x-ray generator, tablet and back up cables.  Be ready in 90 seconds. No bulky interface box, interface cables, nor protective covers required.
  • Less hassle – Fewer components; fewer connections;  less time to set up; less to go wrong.
  • Imaging Area - ScanSilc 2430 EOD: 24 x 30 cm  and Scansilc 3643 EOD: 36 x 43 cm