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Bio aerosol sampler

Microbial Air Sampler

ReconCoriolis Recon is a bio-aerosol sampler, dedicated to CBRN Recon teams or first responders, with quick deployment in case of bio-threat suspicion. It is efficient, portable and has been ruggedized for unfamiliar environment.

Coriolis Recon offers flexibility with a choice of 2 operating modes:
Autonomous sampling: triggered by the operator wearing IPE; it can be used for mobile applications to rapidly obtain a sample and identify the biological threat.
Biological sentry mode: for a long time surveillance of critical areas, Coriolis Recon can be set up in a standby mode, waiting for an order of a warning system.

Ingress Protection Rating IP54;
Weight: 11 kg;
Batteries or main supply;
Collected particles size: > 0.5μm

Product is offered in this region: Lietuva, Latvija, EEsti