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About Us

About Novatex

Welcome to the renewed Novatex!

UAB Mokslinis-Techninis Susivienijimas "Novatex" – is a great experienced modern company. Throughout age years of experience in the markets of Lithuania and other Baltic states we assured the image of reliable and attended company. We not only sell the equipment, but service it as well.

Our experience led us to select and represent the highest quality and world‘s most famous manufacturers. In cooperation with the producers of different equipment UAB Mokslinis-Techninis Susivienijimas "Novatex" carefully selects its partners and thus only the world‘s leader production of the certain field is offered to the customers. Highly skilled professionals and great experience allow to provide the best solutions most fitted to the individual customer needs.

The implemented quality management system ISO9001 helps to determine and manage company‘s objectives, make decisions quickly and accurately and to organize a streamlined performance.

The origin of „NOVATEX“
The name of the company consists of two parts. "NOVA" - the astronomical term describing explosion of a star, and also this word in translation from Latin language means news. The termination "TEX" - from the word technology. During the moment of explosion of a star the emitted energy symbolizes the activity and readiness of the company.

The main activities

  • Metal detectors (hand-held, walkthrough, envelope scanners);
  • X-ray systems (stationary, mobile, portable);


  • Radiation measuring instruments (dosimeters, ratemeters, monitoring systems);
  • Equipment for inspection of concealed and hard to reach places (endoscopes, contraband detectors);
  • Specialized equipment (for criminalistics, customs services, security and military applications);
  • Equipment for nuclear medicine.

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