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Feature Highlights

  • High throughput of up to 195 vehicles per hour depending on system version
  • Steel Penetration up to 300mm depending on system version
  • viZual technology available for HCVP 6030 viZual for real organic/inorganic material discrimination at 6MeV


  • Automatic Radioactive Material Detection (ARD)
  • Available in 4Mev and 6MeV
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

The HCVP series systems offer accelerators delivering energy levels from 4MeV to 6MeV, allowing for steel penetration ranging from 230mm (9”) to 300mm (11.8”) while providing a high throughput of up to 195 trucks per hour with a scanning speed of 7 km/4 mph. This innovative automatic free-flow scanning procedure will guarantee a constant vehicle flow on site.
The system’s high performance imaging capability, known as viZual technology (optional), provides the operator with detailed radioscopic images of the container or vehicle
and its contents with organic and inorganic material discrimination and colorization based on atomic number for the assisted recognition of threats. The viZual feature allows for reliable results in a single scan.
The modular compact design of the HCVP provides the ability for the system to be relocated, adapting to the customer’s specific needs. The HCVP is a standalone unit which requires limited external infrastructure. The system is designed for ease of operation with a minimal footprint, while still integrating the most demanding international security screening requirements.
The HCVP system’s automated scanning procedure allows the vehicle or container to pass through the x-ray system. The scanning process starts when the end of the driver’s cabin has been detected. The driver and driver’s cabin are not scanned. When equipped with the automatic radioactive material detection - ARD (optional), the HCVP simultaneously carries out both the X-ray inspection and an analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma and/or neutron materials within the container or vehicle.

Minimum crew requirements 1 traffic receptionist, 1 system operator, 8 image operators
Weight 12 000 kg.
Scanning speed 7 km/h
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C