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Technical means of security take greater importance in a modern life. The risk of terrorism in a critical infrastructure, smuggling at the border and other dangers are threats either directly or indirectly faced by officers of law enforcement or persons responsible for security every day.

Various X-ray machines, from portable for deminers, continuing with baggage screening that are used where the control of carried items is very important (airports, critical infrastructure), till the very large X-ray systems for non-invasive inspection of cars, loaded trucks, containers or even trains. Obviously without passengers.
Metal detectors. Hand-held or walkthrough for the entrance or exit control.

Hazardous materials detectors (narcotics, explosives or chemicals).

Other means for inspection and survey of hard to reach areas: fiberscopes, cameras on telescopic rods or mirrors.

Basically from the establishment Novatex has been seeking to represent only the best manufacturers of the technical protection measures and with its efforts that even being a small company, may feel on the same level with the largest ones.

Smiths Detection, CEIA, Scanna MSC, Optim Incorporated, Nuvia Instruments and many other may proudly say: Novatex – their reliable partner.