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Fibroscope FreedomViewTM LED

The compact, handheld FreedomView® LED Fiberscope transforms law enforcement search techniques, maximizing your contraband seizure potential with the least intrusive method. Our patented, integrated LED light source eliminates cumbersome external light sources while providing exceptional visibility and flexibility. The FreedomView LED Fiberscope puts the most challenging seizures within your reach, in seconds.

FreedomView LED is specialy designed for:

  • Customs and borderguards.
  • Bomb squads, Rescue Board.
  • Firefighters and rescue works.

Set: Fibroscope, Li-ion battery, charger, user manual and cary case.
Options: 110V adapter, car supply adapter, protective tube, side view adapter, camera adapter.


4 mm 6 mm
Outer diameter 4.0mm 4.0mm 6.0mm 6.0mm 6.0mm
Outer shuft covering Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten
Lenghts 51cm 102cm 102cm 152cm 203cm
View angle 45° 45° 60° 60° 60°
Articulation 2 way 2 way 2 way 2 way 2 way
Depth of field 6-100mm 6-100mm 10-100mm 10-100mm 10-100mm
Zoom 30X 30X 25X 25X 25X
LED light sourvce 3 W white LED – colour temperature 5500K
Li-ion battery Rechargable 3.6V Li-ion batteries – 90 minutes of operation



FreedomView LED Videoscope has received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the leading authority on product safety, for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations. FreedomView LED Videoscope complies with UL standards and requirements for nonincendive electrical equipment.

The FV Videoscope allows law enforcement agencies to safely perform visual inspections of vehicles and other areas where contraband may be hidden. The FV Videoscope's durable and intuitive construction is made for real world conditions with a rugged tungsten shaft, transflective touchscreen display and easy to use control functions.

The FV Videoscope transforms field inspections with its patented, integrated LED light source and sleek, compact handle design. It offers greater flexibility, while providing exceptional light quality and visual clarity to allow a wide range of non-intrusive, non-destructive visual inspection tasks virtually anywhere, quickly and easily.

Key Features of the FreedomView® LED Videoscope:

  • The FV Videoscope comes in 6.0mm diameter and 80" length
  • Patented OptiLux™ LED Lighting
  • Ergo-dynamic design with easy access ports for media storage, battery and USB
  • Direct stream over USB to PC
  • Powered by rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Lightweight, completely portable design-approximately 2 pounds!
  • 360°, Joystick control with 110° articulating tip
  • Rugged tungsten braid shaft construction