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LCD 3.3 High Performance CWA Identifier And TIC Detector

Handheld battery energy powered CWA identifier and TIC detector. Night or day operatable, can be carried individually, integrated into vehicle or onto robot with AIM (Auto inlet Module). Designed to meet the requirements of MIL STD 810G and MIL STD 461F.

  • CWA indentification and TIC detection
  • Advanced non rad ion Mobility Spectrometry
  • Up to 75 hours continuous use from a single set of commercial AA batteries
  • Integrates with Smiths Detection‘s Sensa-LINX wireless communication network
  • User changeable sieve pack with a typical usable life of 250 hours dependant upon climatic conditions
  • Weight < 0,65 kg (including batteries), 10.54 x 17.93 x 4.65 cm

GID-3 Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Detector

Rugged, field portable chemical agent detector

  • A variant was selected by the USA DoD fulfilling the requirements of the M22 ACADA programme. GID-3 is also widely used throughout NATO and armed forces worldwide.
  • Indicates the presence of nerve, blood, blister & choking agents and level of threat.
  • Provides a visual and audible alarm both locally and at remote locations
  • Autonomous point detection for dismounted infantry and troops
  • Located inside a vehicle, ship or command-post, monitoring of External atmosphere is achieved by using a special sample head
  • Integrated into a network, it can dispal a warning at a central command facility or other remote location

LCD-NEXUS Portable CWA & TIC Detector

Detects and identifies Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) at miosis levels

  • Detects a wide range of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC)
  • Superior false alarm rejection capability
  • Integrates with Smiths Detection's Sensa-LINX wireless communications network
  • Detects, identifies, measures, and warns personnel of chemical agent threat levels below immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) levels
  • Up to 100 hours of operation from a single set of AA type commercial batteries
  • Designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions
  • Can record up to 72 hours of mission data