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Portable Contraband Detector RadReflex2

The inspection of the border crossing traffic of merchandise and the control of vehicles for illicit goods, especially drugs, cigarettes, explosives and weapons is a prominent task for the customs services.

The contraband detector RadReflex checks hollow spaces fast and reliably. The area to be controlled is scanned with a radioactive test source. The radiation is reflected by the good to be measured / contraband. The measuring value is compared with known reference values. Significant deviations from the standard values are a sure indication for the presence of smuggled goods inside the hollow space.

Widely used
Portable contraband detector RadReflex2 is widely used in Customs of Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, France, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and many more.


  • Case for transportation and storage
  • Serial interface for connection to a PC-system for parameter setting
  • External LC-display for simultaneous indication and switch for change of operating modes, for use in difficult accessible areas
  • Software for parameter setting of RadReflex
  • Telescope for controlling higher areas of a container or truck


  • μ-controller-based measuring electronics
  • digital and analogue measuring value information on large-area, backlit graphic LC-display (128 x 64 pixels)
  • menu-guided user interface, comfortable and simple to operate
  • adjustable warning thresholds
  • simple to operate measuring system, 5 function buttons
  • ergonomic housing, handle with wrist loop
  • optimized arrangement of detector and certified radiation source (0.95 MBq Ba-133)
  • radiation source activity below license free usage limit (< 1 MBq)
  • integrated, optimized tungsten shielding
  • battery operation
  • acoustic search funtion can be activated (sound changes depending on backscatter / density)
  • integrated data base with reference values of goods to be checked
  • externally connectable display for use in difficult accessible areas (option)
  • serial data interface

New ! Possibility to detect g-radiation, emitted by e.g. nuclear material.